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All About Faie's Closet

What really is in an elfs closet

Hello and Welcome to our magykl home. Where the pixies

play and the gnomes roam. 

As an abuse survivor, I had lost my ability to notice the magyk happening all around me. Then I married a man who saw me, and loved me, for me. He saw all my interests and my passions, and decided that we could make something happen. I was skeptical but, as I watched him work, my eyes started to open. I started to remember the dreams I used to have. I started to remember the wonder that I used to find. Color and inspiration started to come back into my world.


The result of the work we’re doing together is Faie’s Closet. In addition to having quality product of our own, it is also our goal to feature other local artists and provide a place for them to showcase their creativity as well. Through this kind of community building, we hope to create a place of love, peace and inclusion for all.


So far, we have oils and arts and ritual supplies. We have bags and scarves and other handmade items. We have sparkles and smiles and, if you look really hard, you may even find some pixie dust. Come back often to see what new offerings we have.


You never know what treasures you may find in Faie’s Closet.

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